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All waves are placed on The electromagnetic spectrum. 


They are ordered from low to high energy waves. The high-energy waves group together as ionizing waves which are the most powerful, such as nuclear energy and some UV rays. These can instantly cause damage to the body.  

The low-energy waves group together in Non-Ionizing Radiation.

The impact of any form of radiation depends on the nature of the waves:


Microwave ovens, mobile phone, cordless phones, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected monitors and baby monitors, all use the same frequency, but they differ in the power of the frequencies used.

They also differ because mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices emit pulsed microwave radiation. It is the pulse, not just the power that appears to be biologically important.

About 96% of participating physicians believed that EMF can cause illness. ( EMF Hypersensitivity research, WHO 2006)

So, let’s observe a 4-sec mobile phone call.

When your phone is on standby, it is not doing too much. It only looks for a signal. It says to the tower "Where are you?" then gets the answer "Here I am"......900 times in a minute! 24/7 while it is switched on. Now, when the phone rings, the worst moment for you is when you put it right next to your ear to say "Hello" because the phone is smart and it goes to maximum power at that very moment. It has been programmed to do so. Every millimetre distance you hold the phone from your body means 15% less radiation that is getting into your body.

Now, you are having a conversation, the level of power will go up and down again. It’s that variation, it’s the cumulative integrative dose under the curve over a lifetime exposure that seems to be biologically important.

For thousands of minutes a month and dozens of hours a week, over a lifetime you are exposed to that irregularly pulsed signal. Even if this radiation is too week to damage as X-rays, it does cause damage. There will be effects more from the pulsed nature of the signal, than by the power of the signal. It is the long-term effect that will cause you harm.

 "Am I saying you need to do away with all useful technology? Or even just cell phones and Wi-Fi? Certainly not. But I am saying that you and your family would benefit from educated measure to reduce your exposure to the radiation these technological developments expose you to." Dr Joseph Mercola - osteopathic physician, author of New York Times  Bestseller, EMF*d

What if it has a more invisible effect on your health than you can feel?






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