Einstein Brain - Valentine's Day Game - Part 3

How can you create a Sleep Sanctuary and prevent health problems?

Based on our research, most people do not have their bedroom set up optimally for a good night's sleep.

Did you know your electronic devices and other electrics emit EMF Radiation?

EMF Radiation & Wireless Radiation are huge causing agents of insomnia among other severe illnesses.

Here’s how you can create your sleep sanctuary:

1 – Turn off your Wi-Fi router at home before going to bed.

2 – Do not sleep near your cell phone or have any other device charging close to your bed.

3 – It’s recommended that you stop using electronic devices 1 hour or half-hour before going to sleep.

4 – Darken your room as light slows down the production of melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone that promotes sleep.

5 – Dim the lights in your room as this works as a "preparing to sleep" signal for your brain and helps the mind to rest.

6 – Lower the temperature in your room. Your body temperature naturally decreases when you fall asleep to promote the sleep-inducing process so taking care of your environment temperature yourself will accelerate that process for you.

7 – Minimise EMF radiation with Einstein Brain Relax. Bed protection against EMF radiation to create a technology-free environment.

8 – Simply place the Einstein Brain Relax close to your bed to experience a good night's sleep.

How to ensure you sleep well:

1 – Limit your Alcohol use especially in the evening.

2 – Limit your daily caffeine intake to 400mg and stay away from caffeine sources after lunch.

3 – Exercise and schedule your workout time for the morning.

4 – Eat a light snack before bedtime that’s heavier in complex carbs instead of protein.

5 – Minimize stress through practicing yoga or meditating.

6 – Read a book before going to sleep.

7 – Take a warm bath 1 hour before bedtime. This has been shown to relax your body and mind and lower both heart rate and blood pressure.