The EMF challenge

"The issue I'm going to talk with you about is there is not one truth, of course.

Truth is a relative term. At one point, the truth was that "the world is flat".

What we talk about truth in science, of course, it is always relative but there are now more than 6 billion cellphones in the world today. Eight billion wireless transmitting devices, more than 50 billion anticipated to form the internet of things and we have to recognise that we don't know a lot about the public health and environmental effect of this form of radiation.

There are a lot of important questions to be asked about mobile phone radiation today without any doubt, but the reality is we are not asking those questions and with the exception of some researchers here and elsewhere very little new research is being done in this field"

Dr. Debra Davis – PhD toxicologist and expert on cancer

"Sadly, smoking and cell phones have more in common than their popularity, They also share the fact that they are each an enormous threat to individual and public health.

I see now that unless you take serious action to lower your EMF exposure, you will not be able to achieve full health, no matter how carefully you eat or how strategic you are in your lifestyle choices.

To make matters worse, with the advent of 5G, your EMF exposures are about to increase exponentially. It will be layered on the top of the EMF swamp that we are already swimming in. These new EMF's have never ever been tested for long-term safety on human, not to mention microbes, insects, animals, and plants. This means we are all participants in a massive involuntary public health experiments.

Worse yet, you're gambling with your children's health, their life spans, and their ability to have children"

Dr. Joseph Mercola - osteopathic physician, author of New York Times  Bestseller, EMF*d

 Would you like to wait another 10 years of your life for the Government to finally, take efficient action?

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