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We passionately work towards making your everyday technology safe.

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Purpose and Mission

At Einstein Brain, we live by that code. Our team is made of innovators, visionaries and scientists who work to create and develop the most effective technology in the market.
Through reducing harmful EMF radiation, we create a safe and positive environment for all of us.
A planet where innovation would guide us, technology would not harm us, and science would unite us.
The technological advancement is inevitable; We understood that, hence why, Einstein Brain was founded. To support a growing world, making it sustainable and safe without interfering with its limitless potential.


“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them”
- Albert Einstein



Einstein Brain | Best EMF Protection

Why Einstein Brain

  1. Behind us, there is a scientifically underbuilt, certified, patented system based on nano- technology
  2. 30 years of experience
  3. 100% protection to a healthy level with 100% functionality of mobile devices (according to the SAR limit)
  4. Einstein Brain reduces the level of radiation to a healthy level.
  5. We don’t use shielding technologies (shielding can create increased EMF radiation and could cause more harm than help).
  6. Complete protection from the side-effects of a modern technology-based lifestyle

Our Values

Innovation – 30 years of research of different types of radiations allowed us to develop market leading products. The very products you can see on our website are a result of constant innovation which are proven to work by independent scientists and laboratories too.

Pioneer Leaders – The results we achieved and the products we create are a reflection of the incredible work and practices conducted by our team. We invested in the most effective tools in order to get the most credible results to prevent and protect

Higher-Consciousness – EB Team are strong believers of the importance of educating the world. Awareness is critical for us and that is the reason behind our commitment to inform and expose the reality involving the risks regarding EMF Radiation.

Integrity – We trust evidence, we follow science and only speak based on facts. This is crucial for us and it’s part of our culture as a team.

Prosperity, Abundance – Succeeding in what we do means we can make the world a better and safer place to be. It means we can save long term harmful conditions or negative consequences. It means we can protect people through working in what we are passionate about.

Co-Creation – Everything we do for our clients is done through teamwork. We work as a team to create new solutions, to make improvements, to innovate our methods and products.

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