Home Measurement FAQ

We measure 6 types of radiation that can affect your health. In addition to that, our EMF specialists check if your electric system has been correctly and safely grounded.
We use calibrated, certified NARDA NBM-550 main unit with EHP-50F and EF0691 probe. These devices are used by professional industries and governments. Narda Safety Test Solutions, known as Narda STS, supplies test equipment designed for EMF safety, RF measurement and EMC testing. In all three of these areas, Narda STS leads in providing high quality, application-tailored test solutions. To achieve its signature excellence in test equipment design, Narda conducts comprehensive customer surveys during R&D, relying on direct user feedback to guide design for Narda RF safety meters, probes and other devices. Highly specialized engineers in Narda’s development unit combine their decades of experience with the latest hardware and software tools and materials to ensure that Narda’s customers are equipped with the best. When a customer purchases or rents a product like a Narda broadband field meter, for example, they can expect stable and reproducible measurement data.

Regularly, it takes 1.5 - 2 hours to complete the measurement protocol.

  1. We introduce you to the process step by step.
  2. We define the measurement location in the house, based on where people have activities.
  3. Measure the radiation.
  4. Analyse the result.
  5. We provide a personalised consultation and create a solution plan.
  • The measurement itself with high-quality, accredited meters
  • Consultation with a qualified advisor
  • Instant result
  • Digital certification
  • Personalised solution plan

Yes, it is necessary as we conduct a personalised consultation after the measurement is completed. This is often the time you’re given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have in order to understand results best.

We are flexible and will, at all times, try to accommodate your needs and requirements therefore we are happy to discuss an alternative approach. For that, please book your complementary 20 minutes consultation call with one of our advisors to discuss it.


Your scheduled appointment can be rearranged before 24h for free of charge. Please contact our team at info@einsteinbrain.com

We provide a guideline document, based on The German Building Evaluation Guidelines. This way you can compare the result by yourself as our consultant explains them in greater detail.

Once the measurement is completed, you are welcome to clarify any concerns you may have as well as to discuss what the next course of action should be directly with our consultant who can advise you and provide you with solutions.

Yes. We can also measure your garden, terrace, front- and back yard. 

No, the home measurement service is a one-off occasion, however it can be purchased again.

Our team is available Monday to Friday, 9-6 pm. Occasionally, appointments may be available during weekends however this is subject to availability. Please book your complementary 20 minutes consultation call with one of our advisors to discuss it: https://www.einsteinbrain.com/pages/book-a-consultation

No preparation is required.

No, this is not unnecessary.

We use The Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods SBM-2015. It gives an overview of the physical, chemical, and biological risks encountered in sleeping areas, living spaces, workplaces and on properties.

It offers guidelines on how to perform specific measurements and assess possible health risks.

All testing results, testing instruments and procedures are documented in a final written report.
Yes, it would be possible, but it is not healthy. There are positive, natural EMF that is essential to your life. Our system removes only the harmful radiation from your living environment and let the positive thrive.
Kitchen, bedroom and living room.
Your environment is changing without your permission. New system and technology revolution is all around us. Towers, meters, devices are getting smaller and “invisible” for public. In future, expected that satellites will spread the internet signals from the sky. In the meantime, inside the house, sometimes there are more sources of radiation than you think. An average modern kitchen can have the exact same level of harm as a 5G tower. You cannot feel, hear, taste the man-made EMF radiation. Without measurement, it is impossible to estimate how deeply affected you and your family are.
Based on our 20 years of experience, 1 out of 1000 buildings is healthy. Unfortunately, there are less and less chance to live in a sustainable environment, but we can advise you accordingly after the exact measurement.

There is no better time for the measurement to take place than NOW.  The faster our digital technology advancement is, the more it affects our lives from birth to the adulthoods, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from home to the outside activity.

In the meantime, there are some live events where measurement is more relevant than any other times. Here are some examples:

  • If you plan to have a baby,
  • Refurbishing your house or planning to refurbish it,
  • Moving into a new home,
  • You sell your property and want to stand out of the crowd on the market (we provide the measurement results in a digital way so you can inform the future buyer in advance. More and more people are aware of the problem and value this information),
  • You may experience light symptoms of harmful radiation affect like sleeping problem, regular fatigue, ringing ears,

You may have a specific health change in your life and consider that it’s caused by harmful radiation? Please book your complementary 20 minutes consultation call with one of our advisors to discuss it


Our body does its best to compensate any effect and operate effectively. For sure, nutrition rich diet, active lifestyle, balance in the mind, enough sleeping could support your vitality. Please consider the
Fact: if you are under a consistent harmful radiation effect, your immune system must make extra miles every minute to protect you. Sooner or later, it has health consequences

Think about any regular health check. The purpose of that is to discover what is not visible, prevent unwanted consequences, recognise illness in the early stage when you do not feel any differences.

It is the same with EMF radiation measurement. If you have health check yearly, why you do not measure how healthy is your home? At least, once in a lifetime!

Employers care about it because they might realize how efficiently people can work in a harmonized, healthy workplace.

However, it is a mandatory to measure workplaces and officially inform their employees about the level of radiation, based on the Directive 2013/35/EU of the European Parliament

More information here: https://op.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/52fb4c35-e08c-11e2-9165-01aa75ed71a1/language-en

If you consider any harm, please contact your Health and Safety Manager or HR department and ask them to book a complementary 20-minute consultation call with one of our advisors to discuss it


Our measurement protocol covers your full house, so you do not have to choose.

However, any place in which you spend more than 2 hours daily is recommended to be measured.

EMF radiation measurement is a regular process in many industries like mobile communication, high voltage electricity etc. To qualify and authorise the installation, operations, check health and safety alignment.

Unfortunately, it is not part of our regular life yet. However, it is your choice to take ownership of your environment and take proactive action.

More and more companies offer EMF measurement. We recommend that the quality of their measurement devices is checked, how many years of experience do they have, are the results certificate offered once the measurement is performed.

We know there are many other aspects of your life related to EMF which we may have not covered here. In case we missed out, please feel free to book a complementary 20 minutes consultation call with one of our advisors to discuss it at: