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Yes, we agree with you!

Man-made EMF radiation and Electrosmog can be a confusing topic unless you’re given the opportunity to ask unique questions to a knowledgeable and experienced professional who will not only be delighted to help but will be resourced enough to do so. 

It is even more critical when we talk about our home.

We know how many things proactively have to happen to manage a house like insurance, bills, refurbishment, pest control, energy certificate, regular checks (fire control system, boiler, heating), alarm, etc.

Maybe EMF measurement in your home is new to you, but it is similar to them

Simply explained, you’ll be able to see what happens behind the visible world and how it consistently affects your family’s health and wellbeing. Knowing the solution to your problem will naturally urge you to take action.

Our 30 years of experience ensures that we are prepared for serving you.

It can all start with ordering our service here or by having a conversation with one of our EMF specialists. -Free of charge 
Our objective is to help you understand the risks involved in the levels of EMF exposure. 

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