Einstein Brain Card

There's at least one thing most human beings have in common nowadays. A smartphone.

Wi-Fi routers, 5G towers, cell phone stations, smartwatches, wireless headphones, speakers, gaming consoles have in common is ELECTROSMOG. In other words, the hazardous EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Radiation they emit.

If we could see EMF radiation, here's what it'd look like:

EMF Circles | Visible EMF | Einstein Brain

Most surfaces absorb or reflect electromagnetic waves. Some waves are stronger and can easily pass-through objects depending on the wave's type, power, and direction. The one with the highest impact is always the closest surface.

Can you guess who's most exposed when making a phone call or typing an email on your laptop? Yes... YOU. The users and their bodies.

EMF radiation has physical effects on our bodies. Those effects are the easiest to measure because they can be felt quickly like heat and reflex-based responses.

They were the main points for testing when health authorities created the Specific Absorption Rates or SAR levels.
Did you know Safety Guidelines were last updated in 1996?

Unfortunately, today it is limited because they don't include the newest technologies, or their long-term effects proved by thousands of scientists.

Mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices emit pulsed microwave radiation.

Our bodies are mostly based on water and minerals. We function because it successfully communicates via tiny electric signals. This is the nervous system's language. On the other side minerals like iron can be magnetized in blood cells.

When physicians were asked about Electro-Magnetic Radiation, about 96% of them believed that EMF radiation can cause illnesses. (Source: EMF Hypersensitivity research, WHO 2006)

DID YOU KNOW your smartphone user's manual strictly mention that devices shouldn't be kept anywhere lesser than 2-3cm from your body tissue? WHY!? Because they cannot guarantee the exposed radiation stays within the safe level anymore.

Thermal effects of mobile usage

The damage of thermal effect is more known when you have a fever or burn your finger. Simple because you have a noticeable effect in the very short term.

Children’s brains are more exposed to EMF radiation because they have smaller heads, thinner skulls, and higher water ratios in the body than adults.

 Microwave Cellphone Effects | EMF Brain Image | Einstein Brain

In 2011, more than a decade ago, the World Health Organisation had classified electromagnetic fields as "possibly" carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). (Read the full report here)

Although inventions like 5G networks, smart homes, and self-driving cars seem to be incredibly advanced, this is still just the beginning. How much farther will we go?

Nowadays, more and more people are experiencing mild symptoms like headaches, muscle pains, ear ringing, or sleep disturbances.

EMF Radiation is proven to cause health problems such as diabetes, inflammation, hearing inefficiencies, decreased fertility, or even complete infertility in men and women….

Miscarriage, hormonal problems, panic syndrome, various tumours, childhood leukaemia, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and in extreme cases, even heart problems or DNA mutation is still just a fraction of all health problems related to EMF Radiation exposure.

Don't procrastinate too much...

A few decades ago, asbestos and smoking were "safe".

The fact is, they were never safe, but it took decades to get evidence that proved their harmful effects on our health.

Soon the risks of Electromagnetic Radiation will reach a critical mass and could turn into tragedy. 

That's why we created an affordable and effective all-in-one solution for local EMF protection.

Einstein Brain Card is a pocket-sized innovation that effectively absorbs 5G & EMF radiation with its patented SHS technology.​

Einstein Brain Card in use calling

The active layer inside has a built-in nanotechnology chip capable of absorbing a given spectrum of low-frequency, magnetic, and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation down to a healthy level.

The card is made and tested in laboratory conditions to ensure premium quality and consistency.

When compared to other products on the market, our card's uniqueness is its ability to not interfere with your smartphone or other devices' functionality.

How to use it? Keep it at close range to your devices. The Einstein Brain card will do the rest.

Here's a video our team recorded measuring the EMF radiation created during an average phone call and used our card to prove its effectiveness in reducing that radiation.

Einstein Brain Card works differently. It uses a patented technology that combines composite alloy with microorganisms that absorb excessive radiation.

Our technology is tested and approved by the independent Verkotan laboratory in Finland.

The card has successfully reduced harmful radiation to levels below the SAR limit in official tests resulting in a healthy environment. (Read the full report here)