The Technology Behind Einstein Brain

Our products are not only scientifically tested, certified, and approved but technologically made to effectively reduce EMF radiation by absorbing it through the patented SHS nanotechnology.

Our focus is not on limiting the use of technology but preventing its radiation to harm humans.

Our products allow people to use their devices normally without having to worry about the radiation biological effects, devices cause.

Our Science, how it works?

  1. Products combine composite alloy with micro-organisms to absorb excessive radiation and it is through the micro-organism layer (the absorbing active agent) where protection occurs, and the biological effects of high radiation exposure are prevented. 
  2. The SHS Patented technology enables products to absorb a given spectrum of low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, the same radiation emitted by electronic devices.
  3. Einstein Brain uniqueness does not end with its technology, but the science from which that same technology comes from. Our products are tested and approved by the independent ex-Nokia, Verkotan laboratory in Finland. A globally respected entity.

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What differs Einstein Brain products from others?

Einstein Brain uses patented absorbing nanotechnology instead of shielding technologies, which are predominately available on the market.

Why do we use absorbing technology and not shielding? Shielding technologies can increase radiation exposure causing more harm than protection, therefore, having the complete opposite reaction and effect is supposed to.

Scientific research shows that Einstein Brain EMF Protection devices:

  • Protect you and your loved ones from harmful cell phone radiation.
  • Protect your body by eliminating the biological effects created by radiation.
  • Transform absorbed EMF radiation into light heat; therefore, discharging on their own.
  • Have no absorption limit.
  • Promise to keep radiation levels emitted by cell phones and/or other devices below 1.6 W/kg, aligning with the healthy international SAR measurement limit.
  • Reduce harmful radiation exposure by up to 64.8%.
  • Are effective against 3G, 4G & 5G
  • Are effective across the entire radio and microwave spectrum of radiation emitted by EMF producing devices.

Einstein Brain Products Feature:

Best EMF Protection | Einstein Brain | Einstein Brain product features

Throughout the past 30 years, our scientists worked on developing the most effective technology in the market that could protect people from the negative radiation emitted at the exact same time we support a growing technological world without interfering with its limitless potential and functionality.

In other words, our focus is not on limiting the use of technology but preventing its radiation to harm humans.



Types of EMF Protection We Offer

We offer both local protection devices, also called “on-the-go” protection (for smartphones and cars) and area protection devices such as Home/Office installation. 

 Einstein Brain Card Layers | Einstein Brain EMF Protection

Local Protection

– A unique absorption layer in which appropriate proportions and amounts of active ingredients, are placed into devices under laboratory conditions, and these components are what enable the absorbing process to work.




Area Protection

– A patented SHS Technology that lowers the Electromagnetic and High-Frequency fields in your environment. This advanced technology has the capacity to protect an entire room (e.g., bedroom or office), a house, a building, stables, or garden.

The area protection process is done through resonators as these create a vacuum for the electrosmog, allowing electrosmog to be transferred through the head of the resonator and transform it into voltage by making use of the heating system as a grounding agent of excessive voltage.

It’s the water that creates a transition for the voltage.

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How does EMF Radiation affect humans?

Below, you can see an experience conducted by Dr. Magda Havas analyzing blood samples from 3 different environments in search of evidence as to why EMF radiation affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system.

The pictures below refer to the following: (A) Live blood cells in a low-electrosmog environment, (B) Live blood cells after using a cordless phone for 10 min, (C) Live blood cells after using a wired computer for 70 min

Einstein Brain | Magda Havas Blood Image A Einstein Brain | Magda Havas Blood Image B Einstein Brain | Magda Havas Blood Image C



Surprisingly and yet predictable, the findings were not only remarkable and breath-taking but extremely concerning. Image B and C are blood samples commonly seen in cancer patients. This type of clumping of red blood cells formation interferes with the release of oxygen and the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide resulting in poor circulation and lower oxygen transportation which causes several other health-related issues to appear such as (but not limited to) anxiety and stress, fatigue, insomnia, headaches and difficulty in focus, infertility, Alzheimer, electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, it can cause brain cancer and damage cells and DNA fragmentation.

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