EMF Workstation Protection - EMF Bed Protection - Einstein Brain Relax Chrome

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Einstein Brain Relax Chrome is a palm-sized innovation that effectively absorbs Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, High-Frequency Fields and Geopathic radiations by patented SHS-technology while on your office desk, bedside table or on your kitchen counter.

The Einstein Brain Relax absorbs excess radiation for your workstation, kitchen or bed (diameter of 3-meter protection).

•Creates a harmonized microenvironment
•Works day and night
•Ideal for the bedroom or home office

Einstein Brain RELAX protects our functional spaces where we spend most of our time.

An EMF healthy environment helps us to recharge, detoxify during the night and maximize the body potential in the daytime.

Using the Einstein Brain Relax in your bedroom and your office desk are crucial to an essential, healthy process in your brain and your body.