EMF Home Measurement Service / EMF Office Measurement Service / Electrosmog measurement

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Book an EMF Measurement Service for your Living or Working space.

Find out what levels of radiation you are exposed to.

How does it work?

  1. Make a booking for your country and the type of measurement you would like.
  2. Our Expert Team will visit the booked location and measure the 6 types of different background radiations in your Home or Office.
  3. Receive an Official Report at the end of the measurement which you can use to take action to protect yourself from harmful EMF Radiation.

What is included?

  • 1 EMF Home/Office Measurement
  • 1 Measurement Report
  • 1 Einstein Brain Card (150€ RRP Value!) (get it when the measurement happens)
  • 10% Discount if you decide to purchase a Home Installation Package to protect your whole house from EMF radiation.

What are the main benefits of this service?

  1. You will know exactly how much radiation your household is exposed to. That will help you understand if your environment is safe or has dangerous amounts of Electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Get recommendations from our team on how to reduce electrosmog in your Home or Office.
  3. Use your official report when selling your house to show transparency and increase the asking price of your property.

Got any questions?

If you would like a free 20 minutes consultation before booking our service, please follow the links below.

English Consultation - 20 mins

Dutch Consultation - 20 mins

French Consultation - 20 mins