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Electro Magnetic Field or EMF is a byproduct of an electrical current. 

Atoms floating around the fields get excited and unstable. To become stable again, they release energy, called emission. This is radiation which travels in waves through the air.

Higher frequency waves emit a lot of energy and have a shorter wavelength. Lower frequency waves are longer and emit low energy. 

All these waves are placed on a spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum. 

The order in the electromagnetic spectrum is from the low energy waves to the high energy waves. The high-energy waves group together as ionizing waves, which are the most powerful. Like nuclear energy and some UV rays, for instance. These can instantly cause damage to the body. 

Then we reach the less popular level, the Non-Ionizing radiation.

While these are weaker, they can still -  after a long period of exposure - alter cells on a biological level.

These waves include visible lights, infrared, microwaves and then the 2 most concerning one: the extremely low frequency (ELF) and the radio frequency (RF) waves.

Low Frequency radiation comes from currents flowing in an electronic device. 

All devices emit this radiation once they are powered by a plug or battery. 

Since most are used only for a brief period and at a safe distance away, they aren't as demanding on the body or as harmful in the long run. 

Smart devices should be people's wake-up call. They not only emit  ELF - but also RF - radiation from the moment your smart device connects to the cloud, accesses to free Wi-Fi call, turns Bluetooth on, checks emails, scrolls on social media, tracks your actions and behavior in any way or when you talk to Alexa. 

Your pocket gadgets are double trouble. 

Everyone is walking in this electrosmog since everyone is connected wireless. However, the closer you are to the source of radiation, the worse off you'll be. Direct skin contact with your devices is the most harmful, especially between the device and your head or other soft tissue organs . So that loving, very close and loooong-lasting connection time can lead to adverse health effect. Even low levels of EMF exposure can damage DNA strands, magnetize iron in blood cells, disrupt entire processes of your body, for example sleeping causes insomnia, heated cells. 

This can lead to reproductive effects, such as DNA fragmentation, fertility issues, brain cancer, cognitive effects, behavioral effects and can even lead to  an electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome.

....and that's just what's been researched so far. 

Like once smoking, asbestos, X-rays (oh, hell yes! Between 1930 and 1970, there was a popular invention, called shoe-fitting fluoroscope; which used X-rays without proper protection for shoe-fitting) were ill-researched and most even questioned the serious health effects...Tiles have changed!

Irreversible negative health effects are expected to keep popping up after only one generation. 

The question is this: do you want to be a guinea pig in a life experiment or take action to protect yourself now? 






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